APS StampShow & Zeppelin meeting at Columbus, OH

APS StampShow & Zeppelin meeting at Columbus, OH

Beitragvon Zeppelin » 6. Aug 2018, 15:00

Summer time is StampShow time!

The 2018 StampShow will take place at the Greater Columbus Convention Center at Columbus OH, USA. Zeppelin collectors meet on Friday, August 10 at 1.30 p.m. at room B234 for a Zeppelin Collectors Show and Tell organized by Cheryl Ganz.

This is a very special Show and Tell: August 10 is the 150th anniversary of Dr. Hugo Eckener's birthday.

For the Show and Tell, bring a fascinating cover from your collection: Best would be a cover with a connection to Hugo Eckener.

This is the link to the APS StampShow website with all details of the show: https://stamps.org/STAMPSHOW-SS

Enjoy the summer and enjoy the stamp show!
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