1936 Pendulum Flight (Pendelfahrt) - GB acceptance

1936 Pendulum Flight (Pendelfahrt) - GB acceptance

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Unrecorded in Sieger:

Mailed in Newcastle late morning on 18 November, it could easily have been flown to London (Croydon) to catch the German late evening Postal Flight to Frankfurt. The DLH red flight cachet would have been applied in Frankfurt (small "b" at right). The item would then have left Frankfurt at 0445 hrs on 19 November on the DLH flight, arriving at Bathurst at 13:56 hrs on 20 November. The Graf Zeppelin left Bathurst on 23 November early morning. Mail from the Graf was received at Buenos Aires at 1300 hrs on 24 November, Your cover is back stamped 24 November "13" for 1300 hrs.

(detailed analysis by Michael Dixon to whom my thanks!)

I have not seen many foreign acceptances from the 1936 Pendelfahrt although they surely exist. Sieger lists under the "Zuleitungspost" category covers form Liechtenstein and Switzerland, no doubt there must be many more.
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