A.C. Roessler Mail

A.C. Roessler Mail

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Hello. I would like to show this Postcard which was sent on the 1929 "ORIENT FLIGHT" by the well known American Stamp dealer A.C. Roessler. The front of the Postcard looks genuine enough to me ?, but back of the Postcards tells a different story :o . so I will leave it to the experts to explain the addition of the Black Confirmation stamp, and also the Cairo back stamp, (Mr A.C. Roessler will be mentioned ;) .
ORIENTFAHRT (Roessler) 1.jpg
ORIENTFAHRT (Roessler) 1.jpg (79.15 KiB) 2522-mal betrachtet
ORIENTFAHRT (Roessler) 2.jpg
ORIENTFAHRT (Roessler) 2.jpg (55.02 KiB) 2522-mal betrachtet
ORIENT FLIGHT (3).jpg (50.03 KiB) 2522-mal betrachtet
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