abwurf Athen Sieger 23.c

abwurf Athen Sieger 23.c

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In the 22th Sieger catalog is decreib that the Siegernr 23.c is under investigation. This catalog is from 2001 does anybody know what the status is of the Siegernr 23.c
I enclose a scan of the 23.c
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Re: abwurf Athen Sieger 23.c

Beitragvon Zeppelin » 9. Jul 2009, 09:13

Everything you want to know about the LZ-127 Graf Zeppelin Orient Flight is written in this book:
For further details about the book see here: http://www.ezep.de/books/orient.html

But now answering your question:
There was indeed a mail drop over Athens, a philatelic one where on-board mail was dropped, and also a non-philatelic one where a menue was dropped over Athens.
The philatelic drop contained mail which was written by crew members or passengers on board the airship. Up to today, no such mail has been recorded, although we know from contemporary sources that the Athens mail drop did happen! So keep your eyes open!!!

In addition to that we have Orient Flight mail which is addressed to Athens or other Greek destinations: Like the cover you have posted with the Drossos address at Athens and with the arrival postmark ATHENS 30 MAP 5E. This mail was dispatched at the post office Friedrichshafen, there this mail was handled, sorted according to their destinations and then bundled. On the Orient Flight, all of these mail bundles were dropped over Er Ramle, Palestine, like all the mail which went through the post office Friedrichshafen.
After the mail was dropped over Er Ramle, it was sent by railway to Alexandria, Egypt and from there by boat to Athens, Greece. Arrival there was on March 30, 1929. The Athens post office opened the mail bundles, marked them with their arrival postmark Athens 30 MAP 29 5E and delivered it to the addressee.

This is a short summary of the 13-pages chapter on the Athens drop of the aforementioned book. And this is the latest on the Athens drop from the Orient Flight 1929
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