20th SAF 36, Rio arrival

20th SAF 36, Rio arrival

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Hello again. I enclose a picture of a Postcard that i have which made this trip 1936 " 7 S.A.F" of the "HINDENBERG". This Postcard was sent by crew member "KURT SCHRONER", an interesting fact is that Sieger catalouge lists the arrival date as
"29.11.36"at 6.38, but this Postcard shows an arrival Postmark of "28.Nov.1936" (One day earlier than the date Sieger lists in their catalouge) :?: ..
Thanks again
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Re: 20th SAF 36, Rio arrival

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The Hindenburg dropped the southbound mail at Natal on 28 November 36 at 7.22 a.m. Then Condor flew the mail to Rio, arrival of Condor at Rio was on 28 November at 8.40 p.m. Mail was postmarked Rio 28 November 36, like your piece.

Also the Hindenburg flew to Rio, but the Hindenburg arrived at Rio first on 29 November 36 at 6.38 a.m. Only the zeppelin mail dispatched between Natal and Rio was flown by zeppelin to Rio and only this mail has a Rio 29 November 36 arrival.
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