Private overprint Spanisch Stamps first South America Flight

Private overprint Spanisch Stamps first South America Flight

Beitragvon robbrum » 28. Mai 2012, 17:41

Hi, has somebody more information about these Spanisch Stamps with ther private overprint, made for the first South America Flight in 1933

This is the information that I have found; Overprinted privately when it was discovered that the Zeppelin planned to stop in Barcelona and pick up mail. Not only did the group of dealers who produced the overprints fail to gain government authorization, but the Spanish authorities never gave permission for the Zeppelin to accept mail and the airship landed and departed without accomplishing the main purpose of its visit.

the stamps are desceibe in the edifil catalog but I don't have that.

Interessting is to know who are the dealers that have organised these stamps with ther overprint and how many have they printed.

So far I have only seen the stamps on auctions and then often the orange stamp. On a zeppelincover I have seen these stamps never.
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