piece of paper??

piece of paper??

Beitragvon robbrum » 19. Apr 2009, 20:36

Recently I found this piece of paper sizes are 15 cm by 8,5 cm. It look to me that it is a part of a larger piece of paper???

The paper is normal, the letters those you can feel them on the backside I have no idea what kind of print-technic this is.

Who has more information for me about this paper.
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Re: piece of paper??

Beitragvon Zeppelin » 20. Apr 2009, 06:33

Hello robbrum - and welcome to the eZEPtalk.de board!

To me it looks like a piece of advertsing paper "For airtrafic take the combined airservice", so my guess is it must be something not from 1930, but rather from 1932 on, when the zeppelin operated with Condor on the Europe to South America airmail route. I therefore move your thread to the Südamerikafahrten 1932 thread.

What I find odd with this paper is the typo trafic written with only 1 letter f rather then 2..... :o
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