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BeitragVerfasst: 17. Mai 2010, 18:29
Hello again. I enclose a Postcard which is addressed to Mr Berezovsky frm Goerlitz (mentioned in Alfreds thread) which was flown on the " 1929 Round the world flight " ( Friedrichshafen - Tokyo ) Boardpost mail, the unusual thing about this Postcard is that there is "NO BACKSTAMP" :?: could this have a slight connection with crew mail :?:
Thanks again
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BeitragVerfasst: 3. Jan 2012, 13:45
von gus967
Hello all,
This is my first post in this blog!
I am wondering whether someone can help me with the following postal card.
Sent from Germany to Argentina via Zeppelin (welthrundfahrt). Sieger 30Aa?
* 2 Mark postage to Tokyo, sent on 15Agust29 from Friedrichshagfen
* Borderstempel in red
* Leitsstempel Friedrichshafen (Bodensee) - Tokio in red
* Japanese stempel on 19Agust29
* No additional stemps or marks
How this card reached Argentina? Is it a fake?

Scan of postal card
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BeitragVerfasst: 4. Jan 2012, 12:56
von pasol
Hi Gustavo,
I'm very glad that you expand our forum.
I think that your card is genuine. It's a card of the first stage of the World Circuit flight 1929, Si.#30.Aa. Postage is true - 2RM for the card and for this stage of flight. There are all needing stamps on the card. But often a combined delivery mail had not an arrival stamp (ASt) of the country of destination. Your card to Tokyo flied with Zeppelin and I think further to South America carried by ship, because it has not other airmail stamp.
I can show interesting card of this flight (the same stage Si.#30.Aa) but with the country of destination - Latvia. This card has not also an arrival stamp (ASt), but it has russian transit and airmail stamps.
Best regards,


BeitragVerfasst: 4. Jan 2012, 13:42
Hello Gustavo & pasol. Here is another Cover that i have from the same flight (Friedrichshafen - Toyko), with Toyko arrival stamp (19.8.29) addressed to the USA Post cost 4RM (COVER) and also there is no arrival stamp, the cover i think was also shipped from Toyko to the USA and it was sent in Shipping line stationary ?.


BeitragVerfasst: 9. Jan 2012, 23:07
von saintex
Hello @Gustavo,

also from me a hearty welcome to the eZEPtalk forum.

I concur with @pasol and @Talltrees that your postcard is no fake but genuine. As in 1929 there was no direct airmail connection between Japan and Argentina it seems to be pretty clear that your postcard went by surface from Japan to Argentina. But which way ? From my point of view two alternative routes come into consideration:

1.via Sibiria and the Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow, from Moscow by railway to a port in Western Europe and from
there by ship to Buenos Aires/ Argentina

2.from Japan directly by ship over the Pacific Ocean to a port on the West coast of South America, e.g. Valparaiso in Chile and from there by train over the Andes to Buenos Aires. In this case your postcard most probably crossed the Andes from Los Andes in Chile to Mendoza in Argentina on board the adventurous Trasandino which in 1929 was still in operation[1].

But there is another feature of your postcard which is a proof of its genuineness and which makes it an intriguing Zeppelin item from the 1929 Weltrundfahrt and that is the name of the addressee: Ludwig Freude[2]

Ludwig Freude (1889 - 1956) was a Buenos Aires businessman of German descent who had immigrated to Argentina in the early 1920ies and was later to become managing director of the Banco Alemán Transatlántico, a subsiduary of the Deutsche Bank AG, and one of the wealthiest men in Argentina. During WW II Ludwig Freude is said to have run a spy network in Argentina which tried to help the Axis cause. Ludwig Freude allegedly was also a crucial player in the shipment of Nazi Gold to Argentina by German submarines in the last days of WW II which he is said to have invested inter alia in the name of a certain Eva Maria Duarte, better known today as Evita Peron[3].

Ludwig Freude and his son Rodolfo (1922 - 2003)[4] had close links to the Argentinian President Juan Peron and his wife Evita. In 1946 Rodolfo Freude even became President Peron's personal secretary and head of the Central State Intelligence
Agency. Immediately after WW II Ludwig Freude and his son Rodolfo are said to have set up and financed a network that delivered Nazi war criminals safely to Argentina, inter alia Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele. Said network then was called by the Americans the "Nazi Rat-Lines"[5].

When Ludwig's mother sent greetings from Hassloch in Germany to her son and his family in Buenos Aires on 10th August 1929 by way of the Zeppelin Weltrundfahrt neither she nor her son knew, however, which destiny lay before them.





BeitragVerfasst: 13. Okt 2016, 21:03
von pasol
Hello friends,

there are a group of interesting items among the mail of Round-the-World Flight 1929... ;) They are different among the main types of correspondence of this Flight.
All of them are real board mail from the different stages of the Flight with board mail cachets (both types: old and new) and without guiding stamps. An old type of board cachet was used only for crew or passenger mail in this Flight.

All were written by one author (the identical handwriting). Most of them are addressed to crew member Kurt Schönherr, but they were not written by him (it is not his handwriting).

I show some of them: from my collection:

and known to me:


I have some ideas, but somebody from our colleagues may know the author ? I think he was a crew member or a passenger... :roll:

Best regards,